Church Lighting Ireland have been involved in a wide range of church lighting projects, please have a look at some of our recently completed ecclesiastical lighting projects.

St.Brigid’s Church Kill (Cavan)

St.Brigid's Church Kill(1) St Brigid's Church Kill(2) St Brigid's Church Kill(3)


Contemporary Church Lighting In St.Colmans Church (Galway)

St.Colmans Church(1) St.Colmans Church(2) St.Colmans Church(4)
St.Colmans Church(3) St.Colmans Church(5)

Modern Ecclesiastical Church Lighting In St.John The Apostle Church Knocknacarra (Galway)

St.John Apostle Church Knocknacarra(4) St.Johns Apostle Church Knocknacarra(2) St.John Apostle Church Knocknacarra(3) St.John Apostle Church Knocknacarra(4)
St.John Apostle Church Knocknacarra(6) St.John Apostle Church Knocknacarra(1) St.John Apostle Church Knocknacarra(7)


St.Mary’s Cathedral Killarney (Kerry)

St.Marys Cathedral Killarney(2)  St.Marys Cathedral Killarney(1) St.Marys Cathedral Killarney(3)
St.Marys Cathedral Killarney(4) St.Marys Cathedral Killarney(5)

Stanbrook Abbey Function Room (UK)

Stanbrook(3) Stanbrook(2)  Stanbrook(1)